About Lunaozi Dreams


My adventure starts in Chile, where as a young girl, I grew up by the sea. It was here surrounded by the love of my family, I developed a deep connection with nature and all of her boundless offerings. When I was little I would often tell my mum, "One day I will live in Australia!" Turns out I was right!


Many years later I met my husband Daniel on the internet. We were on opposite sides of the South Pacific, he was in Australia, while I was home in Chile. I was 'Luna' and he was 'Ozi'! And so the ocean tides brought us together!


Lunaozi Dreams is a family dream from the heart. We believe that anything is possible. If you work to manifest them, dreams really do come true.


My partner Daniel has a special and important role in Lunaozi Dreams, as the manifesting artisan transforming the crystals from their raw state into their polished form.


Using these crystals as well as feathers and shells our creations are infused with Mother Earth, Pachamama energy!


My creations come from a very special and sacred place to me. A place of no limits, a place of freedom, a place of magick.


I love to manifest my dreams and visions through my hands! I feel very fortunate to be able to share these gifts with so many beautiful souls out there!


I believe that we are co-creators of our lives and we all have a mission on this beautiful planet. My mission is to express my love through my creativity.


Disfruten este viaje llamado Lunaozi Dreams! Enjoy this journey called Lunaozi Dreams!



Creator and Dream Weaver of Lunaozi Dreams.

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